Phase 22: Audiobooks. ByFaith Media Audiobooks now available on Google Play.


The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple (Psalm 119:130)

ByFaith Media has spent decades distributing Christian material to the world, and has utilised multiple mediums such as websites, gospel pamphlets, DVDs, streaming, printed books, eBooks, and now there’s a significant addition, audiobooks.  

“For over a decade I’ve borne a burden to release the entire ByFaith Media book catalogue into audiobooks,” said Mathew Backholer, “because the Lord deposited it into my heart that people were busy, driving, walking, and working and needed good Christian material that could be easily accessed and consumed at their convenience.” 

ByFaith Media was founded by embracing the latest online technology and new advancements in the last few years made it possible for ByFaith Media to fulfil their call to create audiobooks. “When the Lord opens a door,” said Mathew Backholer, “we must embrace it and walk through with passion.” 

In the past, creating an audiobook required a significant investment and was a complicated process. However, with the current technology, it is now possible to convert books into audiobooks without the need for studios and voice actors. This has allowed ByFaith Media to offer a more accessible and affordable option for people who prefer to consume content on the go, at a reasonable cost to consumers. 

“Now people can listen to stories of Rees Howells and unveil the mysteries of revival history, as they drive to work or exercise, or lay down at the end of the day,” said Mathew Backholer. “The burden of reading is taken away from souls wearied by the world and truth can be received into the heart whilst people relax or travel.” 

Having invested many months into the conversion process, ByFaith Media is now able to offer a broad range of audio content worldwide, from several authors on multiple topics including devotionals, biographies and revival history. This is an exciting development in the media ministry, as it allows believers around the world to access a vast array of Christian material easily.  

As Mathew Backholer summed up, “We are thrilled to have the ability to offer our content in a way that meets people where they are and in a way that enriches their spiritual lives.” 

You can find the ByFaith Media audiobooks by clicking on the Book Store and following through to your preferred choice of Christian books. 

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