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Phase 23: Walk the Bible

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105)

Walk the Bible is an exciting multimedia project produced by ByFaith Media that will reveal the mysteries of biblical archaeology and take viewers on a stirring adventure throughout ancient Israel and beyond.  

“My first trip to Israel in 2000, left me with more questions than answers because it was hard to distinguish the authentic biblical archaeology from the myths,” said Paul Backholer.

In the Walk the Bible Project, we will explore the complex questions of the Holy Land and reveal the secrets and hidden mysteries of the past.” 

This project is the result of ten years of research by Paul Backholer and others who are passionate about exploring the historical and archaeological roots of the Bible. After years of research and a final three-month intense preparation for the filming schedule, a new ByFaith Media team flew to Israel to document their adventure. 

The biblical journey will help fill gaps in people’s knowledge about biblical history and archaeology, including examining important questions such as, “Where is Jesus’ actual tomb?” and, “Is this the real Via Dolorosa?” 

Drawing from groundbreaking archaeological research, the ByFaith Media team has undertaken to unearth the forgotten and overlooked archaeological evidence made with recent discoveries. “Uncovering the Pool of Siloam is a crucial archaeological breakthrough,” said Paul Backholer, “and as we explored the site, the bulldozers were uncovering the utmost extent of the site where Jesus healed a blind man. Each year, remarkable discoveries are being made in Israel.” 

The Walk the Bible Project was launched in April 2023, with a series of shorts exploring the holy sites being uploaded to a new dedicated YouTube channel, plus new social media pages and ByFaith Media will expand upon this foundation with longer documentary-style projects. 

“In Caesarea Maritima, archaeologists have recently discovered the prison where Paul was held before being sent to Rome,” said Paul Backholer, “and we felt such wonder seeing the precious site being unearthed. It’s going to be exciting making the shorts and documentary pieces about it.” 

The ByFaith Media team filmed at up to 250 sites across Israel, walking in the footsteps of biblical characters and exploring the rich history behind the Holy Land. The team strives to ensure accuracy and authenticity in all their research, studying a broad range of opinions and the latest research. 

The Walk the Bible project is expansive, with each coming episode focusing on a different discovery of biblical significance. This project aims to reach a wider audience than those who are already interested in biblical archaeology by using a modern platform and appealing to the mystery. 

The goal of this multimedia project is to provide viewers with a high-quality experience that is engaging and informative, presenting the Bible and biblical history in a unique and appealing way. By breaking down complex stories and concepts into digestible chunks, this project ensures accessibility and relatability for all viewers. 

ByFaith Media appreciates the importance of social media in today’s world, and Walk the Bible is no exception.

The media team is releasing the Walk the Bible Project through social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. With so many people using social media platforms to consume media content, Walk the Bible will allow audiences from all over the earth to access information and engage with historical and biblical content easily. 

Walk the Bible will strengthen the way people engage with biblical history and the mysteries of the archaeology of the Holy Land. Walk the Bible is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore or deepen their understanding of biblical history and on various social media platforms it has garnered millions of views to inspire a new generation. 

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