The Holy Spirit in a Man

By R.B. Watchman


The Holy Spirit in a Man

Spiritual Warfare, Intercession, Faith, Healings and Miracles in a Modern World

One man’s compelling journey of faith and intercession.

Raised in a dysfunctional family and called for a Divine purpose, he ran from God, yet the world could not break nor tame him. Years later, he met with Jesus Christ in power through a dynamic encounter with the Holy Spirit and was changed forever.

Sent out by God, he left employment to claim the ground for Jesus Christ, witnessing signs and wonders, spiritual warfare and deliverance. In a remarkable modern day story of miracles and faith, see how God can take a depressed, defeated individual, teach him faith and use him the glory of God.

A gripping true-life story.

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ISBN 978-1-907066-41-2 (paperback)
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37 chapters
228 pages

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About The Author

R. B. Watchman was born shortly after the end of World War II and has had a rich and fruitful life in the Lord after a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit whilst in his thirties. He continues in active Christian service, often counselling and advising pastors and those in Christian ministry.