Global Revival, Worldwide Outpourings (2010, 1st Edition, Paperback)

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2010, 1st Edition, Paperback


Global Revival, Worldwide Outpourings documents forty-three visitations of the Holy Spirit, featuring revivals in thirty countries, from Argentina to Australia, Eritrea, Jamaica to Japan and Zimbabwe to Zululand.

The author looks at the waves of missions within Christendom, discuses evangelism and the Great Commission and asks: Is evangelism revival? Can we see revival today, and if so how? He explores the Divine-human partnership of missions and revival, explains how revivals are birthed and reveals the fascinating links between layman and missionaries and the revivals that they saw in their fulfilment of the Great Commission as they sought God for the Greater Things in a spirit of holiness.

The author takes us through the Scriptures and explains why we need revival and the Scriptural basis for our prayers for revival. He asks us to consider our lifestyles, motives for revival, alongside our individual and corporate responsibility for evangelism and world missions and that were serve a covenant-keeping God who is true to His Word. God has so much more for us, if we are willing to meet His conditions and pay the price. Learn from the past, be challenged for today and be inspired for the future!

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