Finding the Exodus Evidence

Two explorers have documented compelling evidence for the Bible’s exodus

The Bible’s exodus is an exciting chronicle from Scripture, yet scholars and archaeologists have squabbled over the account for centuries. What was the Red Sea? Where is Mount Sinai? Is there any evidence for Joseph, Moses and Ancient Israel in Egypt? The answer must be yes.

Two evangelical explorers and documentary makers spent several years pouring through research and unearthing neglected discoveries, before flying to Egypt to enter the tombs and temples of ancient Egypt.

“It’s exciting,” said author Paul Backholer. “We’re stood beside the Merneptah Stele, a large Egyptian stone dating to 1208B.C. and there carved in Egyptian hieroglyphs is the first mention of the people of Israel outside of the Bible.”

Brothers Paul and Mathew Backholer spent weeks in Egypt, often the only visitors to remote sites which play an important part in biblical history. “We entered Tanis, an Egyptian city in ruins and the treasures buried in the tombs may have come from Solomon’s Temple,” said author Mathew Backholer.

Egyptian history and the Bible agree that Sheshonq I, known as Pharaoh Shishak in the Bible, invaded ancient Israel and sacked Solomon’s Temple. They buried vast amounts of gold and silver with the pharaohs in Tanis, some of which may have come from Solomon’s hoard.

“In the ancient Egyptian tombs of Beni Hassan,” said Mathew Backholer, “we stood before a memorial to a Semitic people group entering Egypt, wearing multi-coloured coats and instruments mentioned in the Bible. Immediately you think of Joseph’s family migrating to Egypt.”

The brothers also researched the remains of Semitic settlements in the land of Goshen and an Egyptian tomb portraying slaves making bricks, which shares a synergism with the Bible’s description, with other exciting finds. They also share why they believe the tomb of Joseph has already been opened. 

The DVD Israel in Egypt and the streaming documentary The Exodus Evidence are now available, alongside Paul Backholer’s book The Exodus Evidence.