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Is this the face of the pharaoh of the exodus?

Who was the exodus pharaoh and what did he look like?

The first reference to ancient Israel in Egypt is found after the time of Ramesses II. This is one of the reasons why Ramesses II has often been identified as the pharaoh of the exodus. But the Bible suggests that the exodus took place hundreds of years before Ramesses II lived.

The Valley of the Kings was the burial place for the pharaohs of Egypt for hundreds years and somewhere in the valley, the pharaoh of the exodus was buried. But who was he? In the valley there are sixty-two tombs, but which one belongs to the exodus pharaoh?

The biblical text seems to indicate that there are ten hidden clues to reveal who the pharaoh of the exodus was; even though these clues are often read they are often overlooked. The ten clues are as follows: 1) He must come to power before the biblical date for Moses' return to Egypt. 2) He must be preceded by a pharaoh known as a great oppressor. 3) His firstborn son must die and another succeeds him as pharaoh. 4) There must be evidence that he used large numbers of slaves. 5) He must be a great builder... 6) A military man... 7) A powerful charioteer... 8) A cruel and stubborn man and 9) He must be double-minded at times. 10) Finally, there must be limited military action during his reign due to the losses at the Red Sea. Many of these conditions could apply to several pharaohs, but very few could meet all of them.

Is this the face of the pharaoh of the exodus?

Using the Scriptures, scholars have been able to date the exodus to the year 1446B.C. However many secular scholars reject the Bible and its timeline, so very few look into this period of history for evidence of the exodus or for the exodus pharaoh. However, using Egyptian high chronology one Egyptian pharaoh turns up in the right place, at the right time. His name is Pharaoh Amenhotep II and he meets all of the ten conditions! Without any biblical inscriptions mentioning his name, we cannot know for certain if he was the exodus pharaoh, but we can confirm that he meets all the conditions as set by the biblical text.

Pharaoh Amenhotep II has left posterity with numerous images of himself. By pinpointing key characteristics and by comparing these images with details of physical anthropology, cultural and archaeological data, ByFaith Media can reveal for the first time in 3,500 years what Amenhotep II may have looked like to his contemporaries. This could be the face of the most likely candidate for the pharaoh of the exodus! Pharaoh Amenhotep II.

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