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What is the battle of the mind and how can I win?

The Bible says that we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), yet many of us feel at times, that our minds are swamped with fear, personal insecurity, doubt and even self-loathing. Confronting these negative thought patterns and overcoming them is the battle of the mind!

Understanding the enemy and his tactics in the battle of the mind

Our first step to victory in the battle of the mind is to understand who our enemy is and what his tactics are. In John 8:44 Jesus explains that satan is real and that he is the father of all lies. This means he is the very best and most effective liar in the world!

He lies to us about our self-worth; he tells us we are ugly, stupid, foolish and a failure. He tells us that God hates us, that we are useless as Christians and that our prayers and Bible readings are pointless.

As the most effective liar in history, our enemy knows how to overload our mind with negative thoughts, doubts, fears and suspicions. A few examples of these negative thought patterns are: “God hates you”, “You’re so sinful, God will never answer your prayers”, “You are worthless”, “You’re are stupid, foolish and ugly.”

The most deceptive part of his plan in the battle of the mind, is to make it look as if these thoughts are ‘our own’ and to disguise the fact that he has ‘dropped them’ into our minds.

In part two, discover how to challenge and overcome the enemy in the battle of the mind. Go

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