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Revival Fires and Awakenings
Thirty-Six Visitations of the Holy Spirit - A Call to Holiness, Prayer and Intercession for the Nations

Revival Fires and Awakenings spans four centuries and features 36 accounts of revivals and awakenings in eighteen countries on six continents. Whilst each revival is different the author reveals the common characteristics and reoccurring experiences which come to the fore during times of visitations of the Holy Spirit.

Book Details
  • 8.5 x 5.5 inches (216mm x 140mm)
  • 22 chapters
  • 252 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-01-6 (Paperback)
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-38-2 (Hardback)
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-20-7 (eBook)

  • Read about: The heaven-sent blessings of revivals from the Holy Bible and church history and see the workings of God during times of Divine visitations; revived Christians, saved sinners, transformed communities and nations; healings, physical phenomena, conviction of sin, miracles, signs and wonders, deliverance from demons, prayer and intercession; with reference to numerous other revivals, evangelistic campaigns, healing crusades and television evangelism. With glimpses of the surrendered lives of those who stood in the gap and saw the Divine floods being poured forth during times of refreshing.

    The book covers: Revivals in Scripture, understanding revivals and awakenings, the characteristics of revival, why revival is needed, how to see revival, prayer for revival, opposition and why revivals cease, visions and prophecies of revival for the United Kingdom and beyond, our responsibility, repentance, personal holiness and intercession for the nations.

    In many of the 36 accounts of visitations, there is a watermark and undercurrent of the influences of the British Great Awakening (1739-1791) and the Welsh Revival (1904-1905) and how Christians were stirred and encouraged by past visitations of the Holy Spirit to see the blessing of revival in their church, town or nation. Learn from the past, be challenged for today and inspired for the future.

    The Book Covers
  • Understanding revivals and awakenings
  • Revivals in Scripture
  • 28 accounts of revivals from the Holy Bible
  • 36 accounts of revivals and awakenings from church history
  • The characteristics of revival
  • Why revival is needed
  • How to see revival
  • Prayer for revival
  • Opposition and why revivals cease
  • Live holy lives
  • Prayer and intercession
  • Repentance and revival
  • Visions and prophecies of revival for the United Kingdom and beyond

    Featured Contents of Revivals and Awakenings
  • Northampton Revival 1734-1735 - America
  • American Great Awakening 1735-1760
  • Howell Harris, Wales
  • The British Great Awakening 1739-1791
  • Twelveheads Revival c.1824 - Cornwall, England
  • Blaenau Ffestiniog Revival 1830s - Wales
  • Dundee 1839 and Kilsyth Revivals 1839-1841 - Scotland
  • Northern Provinces of Shantung c.1843 - China
  • Pitt Street Chapel Revival 1849 - England
  • Baldhu Church Revival 1851-1854 - England
  • Pendeen Revival c.1850-1853 & the life of Robert Aitken
  • Fulton Street Revival 1857-1860 - America
  • Welsh Revival 1859-1860
  • Irish and Scottish Revivals 1859-1860
  • English Revival 1859-1860
  • Charles H. Spurgeon, London, England
  • Cornish Revivals 1861-1862 - England
  • Gold Coast Revival 1875-1878 - Ghana and Beyond
  • China and Japan 1885
  • Prayer for World Revival 1885
  • The Welsh Revival 1904-1905
  • China, Korea and Manchuria 1906-1909
  • Azusa Street Revival 1906-1909 and 1911 - America
  • East Anglia Revival 1921-1922 - England (and Scotland)
  • Shanghai Revival 1925 - China
  • Ngaruawahia Easter Convention 1936 - New Zealand
  • Hebridean Revival 1949-1952 - Scotland
  • Korean Revival 1950
  • Congo Revival 1953-1957
  • Buenos Aires 1954 - Argentina
  • North Uist Revival 1957-1958 - Scotland
  • Indonesian Revival 1964-1974
  • Argentinean Revival 1982-1997
  • Claudio Freidzon, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Philippines 1992 and Argentina 1994
  • Pensacola Revival 1995-2000 - America
  • China’s Phenomenal Christian Revival

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    The Revivalists
    Revival Fires and Awakenings features some of the greatest revivalists that ever lived and also many who are almost unknown, including: Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, John and Charles Wesley, Lady Huntington, Howell Harris, Robert Murray McCheyne, William Chalmer Burns, Billy Bray, William Haslam, Robert Aitken, Charles Finney, Jeremiah C. Lamphier, J. H. Moore, Humphrey R. Jones, Dafydd (David) Morgan, Charles H. Spurgeon, Dr. C. Walter and Pheoebe Palmer, William and Catherine Booth, Thomas Birch Freeman, The Cambridge Seven, Dwight L. Moody, Evan Roberts, William Seymour, Frank Bartleman, Joseph Smale, William H. Durham, Jonathan Goforth, Douglas Brown, Jock Troup, Leland Wang, Pastor Gih, J. Edwin Orr, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Duncan Campbell, Robert Findley, Gil Dodds, James Lowder, David Davies, Tommy Hicks, Mary Morrison, David Simeon, Carlos Annacondia, Jose Luis Tessi, Steve Hill, John Kilpatrick and many others.

    The Author
    Mathew Backholer is the co-founder of ByFaith Media and films and presents ByFaith TV which airs on numerous Christian networks around the world. As a revival historian he collates, documents and records revivals from around the globe. He is the author of a number of books including: Revival Answers, Global Revival, Revival Fire, Extreme Faith and Short-Term Missions A Christian Guide to STMs.

    Order the book in our store here.