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The Red Sea

What was the Red Sea and where is the Red Sea that ancient Israel crossed?

The parting of the Red Sea is central to the Exodus story, but no-one has proved conclusively where the crossing took place. We know that the starting point for the Exodus was the area of Ramesses, and one traditional idea is that the Hebrews headed south and crossed the tip of the Red Sea. Another theory is that ancient Israel crossed over the Gulf of Aqaba.

In the Hebrew text, the body of water that the Hebrews crossed is literally called "Yam-Suph." This was translated as the Red Sea, but many believe its true meaning was always “Sea of Reeds." The Sea of Reeds interpretation of the Bible opens up new possibilities and gives us four more options for the crossing – the Northern lake, the El-Ballah Lake, Lake Timsah, or the Bitter Lake.

Many have tried to use the details that the Bible gives us to identify locations where the Hebrews travelled, but none have been able to present a credible scenario that can be tested, tried and be accepted by the body of opinion. Therefore, trying to find ‘the exact’ location of the crossing, without any reliable ancient inscriptions is at present impossible.

However, the Bible does indicate that Mount Sinai is in the Sinai Peninsula and because most scholars now believe the “Sea of Reeds” interpretation of the Red Sea is most accurate, one of the lake crossings is most likely.

'Then Moses let his father-in-law depart (from Mt. Sinai) to his own land (Midian)’ Exodus 18:27. Midian is found in today's Saudi Arabia, therefore the Bible indicates that Mount Sinai must be in the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea crossing point before the Sinai Peninsula.

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