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The Bible's Joseph and Archaeological Data

Is this the face of Joseph?

The Bible describes Joseph as a Semitic man from the land of Canaan who wore a multi-coloured coat. In a tomb at Beni Hassan in Egypt, there is a wonderful confirmation of the Bible’s description of Joseph, showing Semitic people entering Egypt wearing multi-coloured coats.

The Bible tells us that ancient Israel lived in the Nile Delta and archaeologists digging there have found some interesting artefacts. One of the most interesting discoveries is the broken statue found in a tomb, buried for over three-thousand years.

The statue was of a Semitic leader, who held the symbols of Egyptian power. He was painted with yellow skin, coloured hair and his coat was multi-coloured. The tomb and statue were badly damaged, and there is no name on the statue. But it is very interesting that the Bible describes that Joseph was a Semitic man, who became a leader in Egypt - and this statue was found in the right place, was dated to the right time and bears the features that one would expect to find for Joseph.

By comparing the technical details of this statue, we began to restore what this man may have looked like to his contemporaries. Breaking down the three dimensions of the original statue and by comparing physical anthropology, as well as cultural and archaeological data, ByFaith Media for the DVD 'Israel in Egypt - The Exodus Mystery' began the process of facial reconstruction.

Over 3,500 years ago, this Semitic man became powerful in the Bible’s land of Goshen. Could he be, as some believe, Joseph or could he be one of his descendants?

‘Israel in Egypt - The Exodus Mystery DVD’
Enter ancient Egypt and search for the evidence for the Bible's Exodus. Go.

‘The Exodus Evidence Book’
Experience a photographic search for the Bible’s Exodus. 100+ colour photos. Go.

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