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  • Prophecy Now, Prophetic Words and Divine Revelations
  • Extreme Faith – On Fire Christianity
  • Heaven – A Journey to Paradise and the Heavenly City
  • Holy Spirit Power - Knowing the Voice, Guidance and Person of the Holy Spirit
  • Tares and Weeds in Your Church, Trouble & Deception in God’s House
  • Jesus Today, Daily Devotional: 100 Days with Jesus Christ

    Mission Books
  • Short-Term Missions, A Christian Guide to STMs
  • How to Plan, Prepare and Successfully Complete Your Short-Term Mission
  • Mission Preparation Training

    Revival Books
  • Revival Fires and Awakenings - Thirty-Six Visitations
  • Understanding Revival and Addressing the Issues it Provokes
  • Global Revival - Worldwide Outpourings - Forty-Three Visitations
  • Revival Answers, True and False Revivals
  • Revival Fire - 150 Years of Revivals

    Christian History and Investigation - Books
  • Britain, A Christian Nation
  • How Christianity Made the Modern World
  • The Exodus Evidence - The Bible’s Exodus
  • The Ark of the Covenant - Investigating the Ten Leading Claims

    Christian Biography and Autobiography
  • Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession
  • Samuel, Son and Successor of Rees Howells
  • The Holy Spirit in a Man

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  • Great Christian Revivals
  • Israel In Egypt – The Exodus Mystery DVD
  • ByFaith - Quest for the Ark of the Covenant DVD
  • ByFaith World Mission

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  • Mathew Backholer on Revival - Live TV

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