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Paul Backholer is a broadcaster, author and the founder of ByFaith Media ( He is the director of ByFaith TV and the author of many Christian books.

He was born in the 1970s and after being called to study in a Bible College in the 1990s, he later served on staff. Since then his Christian mission outreaches have taken him to over forty nations - from the slums of South America, from Cairo to the Cape, across the Trans Siberian Railway, into the Pacific and through the jungles of South East Asia.

Paul has preached in many nations and his TV programmes have aired on more than fifteen Christian networks around the world. Having studied theology, Paul is committed to the integrity of Scripture and faithfulness to it. His books focus on a variety of subjects, including walking closely with God, knowing the Holy Spirit, prophetic revelations grounded in Scripture, biblical archaeology and Christian history.

Paul is the author of ‘How Christianity Made the Modern World’ (2009), ‘The Exodus Evidence’ (2010), ‘The Ark of the Covenant’ (2011), ‘Heaven – A Journey to Paradise’ (2013), ‘Holy Spirit Power’ (2013), ‘Jesus Today’ (2014), ‘Britain, a Christian Country’ (2015) and ‘Celtic Christianity’ (2015). He works with his brother Mathew in the ministry of ByFaith Media, which aims to promote action in mission, prayer for revival and Holy Spirit led Christian discipleship.

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