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Britain, A Christian Country
A Nation Defined by Christianity and the Bible,
and the Social Changes that Challenge this Biblical Heritage by Paul Backholer

For over a thousand years Britain was defined by Christianity, with monarchs dedicating the country to God and national days of prayer that saved the nation in its darkest hours.

Discover the continuing legacy of the Bible in Britain, how faith defined its nationhood and the challenges from the 1960s to the present day.

Book Details
  • Size 9 x 6 inches (229mm x 152mm)
  • 37 chapters
  • 302 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-45-0 (paperback)
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-46-7 (eBook)

  • Contents
    Introduction: Christianity in Britain
  • How Britain Became a Christian Nation
  • A Nation Covenanted to God

    Part One: The Making of a Christian Country
  • Celtic Christianity
  • Darkness and Light
  • The Celtic Golden Age
  • Power and Pain
  • Celtic or Catholic
  • Alfred the Great
  • The Three Hundred Year Prophecy
  • Medieval Life
  • New Testament Christianity
  • Empowering Parliament
  • The Glorious Revolution
  • Liberty, Justice and Education
  • Christianity, Commerce and Civilisation
  • The Faith of Queen Victoria
  • Fighting for Liberty
  • Divine Intervention
  • The Battle of Britain
  • Turning the Tide
  • Democracy and Social Justice
  • Christianity, Devotion and Dedication

  • Part Two: Social Changes
  • The Great Storm of Change
  • A Bitter Price to Pay
  • An Outcry Heard in Heaven
  • Spiritual, but Not Religious
  • Tearing Down the Altar to One God
  • Society and Shared Values
  • Limitations on Liberty
  • Rejecting Godís Protection
  • Christianity and Safeguarding Liberty
  • Apostasy and Conversion
  • Christian Heritage in Peril
  • We want it Now!
  • Crisis, what Crisis?
  • Being Honest about our Need
  • Hope for a Christian Awakening

  • About the Author

    Paul Backholer is a British broadcaster and the founder of ByFaith Media. He is the director of ByFaith TV which airs on multiple platforms around the world and is the producer of several Christian documentaries. Paul is the author of Jesus Today - Daily Devotional, Holy Spirit Power, Heaven Ė A Journey to Paradise, How Christianity Made the Modern World, The Exodus Evidence and The Ark of the Covenant. Paul studied in a British Bible college and has travelled to over forty nations.

    Order the book in our store here.