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What Does Revival Do?

The following is taken from Understanding Revival and Addressing the Issues it Provokes and is used by permission.

Revival does a thousand and one things and this article brings to the fore the essence of revival and includes statistics from revival of what God has done in the past in different centuries, in many nations on different continents.

Revival and the Trinity
  • Glorifies God.
  • Exalts Jesus in praise, love and adoration.
  • Gives the Holy Spirit His rightful and due place within the Church.

    Revival and People
  • Revives Christians and brings that which was stale or dying back to life and vigour.
  • Brings the brethren into a correct relationship with God and one another; restores relationships.
  • Converts sinners, produces saints and draws the backsliders back into the family of God.
  • The way of revival is costly and humiliating. It includes dear and costly repentance, often with its exacting demands of open confession (Mark 1:4-5), and restitution (Luke 19:5-10). Leaders above all must not shrink back from paying the price.
  • It re-emphasises the liberating release from the guilt and power of sin by cleansing in the blood of Christ.

    Revival and the Church
  • Transforms, strengthens, unifies, revives, renews and makes strong the Church, the body of Christ, but it may also divide and even split congregations.
  • Brings to light that which was in darkness and exposes sin and all motives of the heart.
  • Produces an increase of godly sincere repentance, reconciliation and *restitutions *Luke 19:5-10.
  • Brings a greater emphasis on the cross of Calvary and the efficacy of the blood of the Lamb that was slain to take away the sins of the world.

    Revival and Christian Ministry
  • Raises up more lay-workers and thrusts forth more labourers into the harvest field.
  • Calls more individuals from standard employment into full time Christian ministry. The intakes at Bible Colleges and mission agencies increase as more Christians heed the call of God.
  • Brings into being new ministries and occasionally new mission agencies and / or humanitarian works.
  • Christian ministries become more fruitful and effective for the Kingdom of God.

    Revival and Educational Institutions
  • Strengthens Bible Colleges and Training Centres etc., and sometimes leads to founding new ones.
  • Revolutionises institutions of learning; often founding them and they owe a great debt to revival. This was best seen in America during the eighteenth and nineteenth century when many, now prestigious institutions were founded by Christians for godly education.

    Revival and the Community
  • Can transform families, places of employment churches, communities, people groups and islands.
  • National revivals or awakenings can transform a nation and uplift society at large. In the past this had brought about social welfare and changes which have been enshrined in law. This was most clearly seen in the Evangelical Awakening (1739-1791), and the fruit of reform that flowed into the nineteenth century Britain. Revival elevates society and can change the moral character of a nation.

    Used by permission from Understanding Revival and Addressing the Issues it Provokes by Mathew Backholer

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    Thus says the Lord: “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants and My blessing on your offspring” (Isaiah 44:3).

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    ‘O Lord, though our iniquities testify against us, do it for Your name’s sake; for our backslidings are many, we have sinned against You’ (Jeremiah 14:7).