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Samuel, Son and Successor of Rees Howells
Director of the Bible College of Wales (and Emmanuel Grammar School). A biography by Richard Maton

About The Book

The ministry of Samuel Howells and the Bible College of Wales (BCW) have touched the lives of countless numbers of people all over the world. The author invites us on a lifelong journey with Samuel Howells, to unveil his ministry at the College, life of prayer and the support he received from numerous staff, students and visitors, as the history of the Bible College of Wales unfolds alongside the Vision to reach Every Creature with the Gospel.

In 1950, Samuel Howells became Director of BCW when his father Rees Howells was taken into glory and he led the work for the next fifty-two years; living a life of faith and intercession. Samuel Howells lived through a time of tumultuous change in the world, and oversaw the work of the Bible College and Emmanuel Grammar School as it sailed through six challenging decades. Filled with more than 110 B&W photographs, with many from the time of Rees Howells, this biography remains as a historical record of the life of a great man of God, Samuel Howells, the Director of BCW, its four estates, school, and its worldwide ministry.

An in-depth look at the intercessions of Samuel Howells is also available in the book Samuel Rees Howells: A Life of Intercession. Go.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The Hidden Years
  • Early Days
  • War in Europe
  • The Venture Begins
  • The Silver Thread
  • Progress on Every Front
  • The College Stirs Again
  • The School of Faith
  • Challenges at Home
  • Kingdom Prayers
  • Easter and Whitsun
  • New Faces
  • Give Ye Them to Eat
  • Second Missionary Journey
  • The Congo Crisis
  • The Spectre of Communism
  • At the Helm
  • The Stormy Sixties and Seventies
  • A Resolute Stand Amidst Gathering Clouds
  • The Daily Walk

  • The Landing
  • Saturdays
  • The Young Generation
  • The French Connection
  • The Wall Comes Tumbling Down
  • Victory in South Africa
  • Retired!
  • Ethiopia
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • New Developments
  • The Achilles Heel
  • Handing Over the Baton
  • Epilogue
  • The Views of Two Visitors
  • The Every Creature Conferences
  • Bible College Students and Publications
  • Global Horizons and Trinity School of Ministry
  • Sources and Notes
  • ByFaith Media Resources

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  • Richard Maton

    Book Details
  • Size 8.5 x 5.5 inches (216mm x 140mm)
  • 33 chapters
  • 358 pages
  • 113 black and white photos throughout the paperback and hardback editions
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-14-6 (paperback)
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-36-8 (hardback)
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-28-3 (eBook)

    About the Author
    Richard Maton worked under Samuel Howells' ministry for forty-seven years and provides us with a firsthand account of Samuel’s life and the inner workings of BCW, with its staff and friends. Richard was converted under the preaching of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and was called to the Bible College of Wales in 1956 after hearing Leonard Ravenhill preaching at BCW. He has served in various roles as teacher (Emmanuel Grammar School), lecturer, dean, trustee and Principal of the College and worked closely alongside Samuel for more than twenty years. Richard is married to Kristine.

    Kristine Maton joined the College family in 1936, when her parents sold all to work when Rees Howells was the Director. She grew-up at the College during the war years, and later joined the School staff, taking various roles including becoming Head Teacher. Kristine has laboured extensively with her husband Richard on this book, providing valuable insights, including personal memories from the prayers of Rees Howells, to the many decades of the ministry of Samuel Howells.

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  • Contents of photos:
    From Rees Howells to Emmanuel Grammar School
  • Samuel Howells in his early 20s – c.1933
  • A section of a sermon by Samuel Howells on the Holy Spirit
  • Rees Howells - Faith for a Bible College April 1923
  • Richard and Kristine Maton in 2011
  • Rees Howells and Lizzie Hannah Howells 1910
  • Rees Howells and Lizzie Hannah Howells in Africa c.1917
  • Rees Howells’ coffin in front of Derwen Fawr House
  • Samuel Howells and staff members of the Bible College of Wales in 1950
  • Rees Howells and Lizzie Howells with baby Samuel Howells 1913
  • Moses Rees and Samuel Rees Howells, age 3, 1915
  • Uncle Moses Rees’ Piano Stores and Stationery, Garnant, childhood home of Samuel Howells
  • Samuel Rees Howells age 4, 1916
  • Samuel Howells with his cousin c.1918
  • Samuel Howells at School in Garnant c.1919
  • Glynderwen House (Home of Emmanuel Grammar School)
  • Glynderwen House and El-Shaddai Building c.1935. Future home of Emmanuel Grammar School
  • Samuel Howells' first property, Twyn y Mynydd
  • Samuel Howells as a lecturer at the Bible College of Wales c.1946
  • Penllergaer Mansion (the Big House) 1939
  • Rees Howells and Lizzie Howells and Derwen Fawr House, Swansea, Wales
  • Sketty House (front view), Bible College of Wales
  • Sketty House (back view), Bible College of Wales
  • Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and bomb damage during WWII
  • Aerial view of Derwen Fawr and Sketty Isaf House
  • New erected buildings on all three Bible College of Wales estates, 1936
  • Ieuan Jones as a Bible College student
  • David Davies, Samuel Howells and Arthur Neil, 1980s
  • The Howells family c.1940
  • Mrs Lizzie Howells in the Holy Land 1937
  • The Paris Team with the Howells' in Swansea
  • The Middle East Team, north of Jerusalem c.1954
  • Samuel Howells in Beirut, Lebanon, 1951
  • Mr V. Atchinak and Samuel Howells in Beirut, 1962
  • Student Day, November 1963 (men staff & students)
  • Samuel Rees Howells with his foster parents c.1922
  • Duncan Campbell, Hebridean Revivalist at Derwen Fawr, Bible College of Wales c.1955
  • Samuel Howells with Tobias ‘Toby’ Bergin, c.1980s
  • Aerial View of Derwen Fawe Estate early 1950s
  • The Rees Howells family – Faith Is Substance c.1930
  • Moses Rees and young fashionable Samuel Howells
  • Gravestone of George Müller, Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol
  • Mrs Howells’ and Samuel Howells’ thank you card after the death of Rees Howells
  • Rees and Samuel Howells with Miss Alice Townsend
  • Rees and Lizzie Howells in America, 1922
  • Bible College of Wales Kitchen Garden 1970s
  • Samuel Howells at Derwen Fawr early 1970s
  • Courtyard of Derwen Fawr; ladies’ and men’s hostels
  • Ebenezer on the courtyard wall at Derwen Fawr, Bible College of Wales
  • Italian Gardens in the grounds of Derwen Fawr, Bible College of Wales
  • Samuel Howells in the early 1960s
  • Samuel Howells preaching c. late 1980s
  • Llandrindod Wells Convention, Wales, with Rees Howells, c.1930
  • Mrs Howells, Samuel Howells and Alice Townsend c.1921
  • 1939-Whitsun Meeting, Rees Howells preaching
  • Whitsun (Pentecost) meeting 7 June 1938

  • The College Motto – Bible College of Wales prospectus 1935
  • Bible College of Wales staff, late 1950s with Samuel Howells
  • Samuel Howells on Black Mountain c. late 1970s
  • Samuel Howells in Istanbul, Turkey, 1962
  • Samuel Howells at Dachau Concentration Camp, France
  • Samuel Howells in 1951
  • Congo Newspaper headline clipping 1964
  • Congo Newspaper headline clipping 1964
  • Derwen Fawr Road, Swansea, Wales, 2011
  • Derwen Fawr Road, Swansea, Wales 2011
  • The Howells family late 1940s
  • Samuel Howells looking out of his bedroom window 1980s
  • Top section of the Italian Gardens at Derwen Fawr, Swansea, Wales
  • Billy Graham preaching at Wembly Stadium, London, 1954
  • Samuel Howells working in his bedroom / office 1980s
  • Young Reinhard Bonnke, former student of the Bible College of Wales and Peggy Coulthard, an intercessor 1980s
  • Thank you note – Millions of Russians for Christ
  • Rees Howells trekking in Zululand 1917
  • Booklet found in Samuel Howells’ Bible
  • Samuel Howells on the veranda of Derwen Fawr, Swansea, Wales
  • Samuel Howells having a picnic in the countryside of Wales
  • Samuel Howells with his mother Lizzie Howells 1965
  • Samuel Howells in the Blue Room 1995
  • Samuel Howells at Philippi, Greece, 1962
  • Samuel Howells recuperating c.1970s
  • Samuel Howells' signature
  • Some of the Bible College of Wales ladies staff, July 1981
  • Samuel Howells with Sam Matthews on the bridge
  • Prayer list of countries and Bible distribution
  • Maison de l’Evangile (The Gospel House) in Paris, France
  • Samuel Howells in Paris, France c.1962
  • Samuel Howells relaxed and happy mid 1980s
  • Derwen Fawr Road after a blizzard, January 1982
  • View from the veranda of Derwen Fawr, Bible College of Wales 1982
  • Church at Rusitu, Gazaland where revival broke out under Rees Howells in 1915
  • Emmanuel Grammar School 1980s
  • Primrose Thomas, Mair Davies and Dr. K. Priddy (of Emmanuel Grammar School)
  • View of Emmanuel Grammar School c.1955
  • Emmanuel Grammar School badge
  • Bible College School Inter-House Work Shield
  • Entry of a death in Samuel Howells' pocket diary 1987
  • The Howells family with Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia 1939
  • Coptic Christians reading the Holy Bible, Ethiopia
  • Bible Society of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
  • Rees Howells in 1949, six months before his death showing the strains of the intercessions of the war
  • Lizzie Howells 1965
  • Samuel Howells celebrates 50 years as Honorary Director of the Bible College of Wales
  • Samuel Howells with Richard Maton February 2000
  • Entrance to Derwen Fawr Estate c.1940
  • School children at Emmanuel Grammar School c.1955
  • Samuel Howells at the grave of his parents, Rees and Lizzie Howells 1973
  • Samuel Howells with Norman Grubb, author of Rees Howells Intercessor c.1975
  • The Howells family grave in St. David’s churchyard, Penllergaer, Swansea
  • Samuel Howells as a young man c.1929
  • The College Vision – Go ye… from a 1937 booklet
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