Should Christians Go To Pubs And Clubs?

The other day I was watching Christian television and the preacher made a profound statement – one which I have known for a long time. He said, “Many Christians are brainwashed and cultured by the society that they live in.”

In the UK, we have the evil of social drinking. That is going to pubs (drinking establishments) and clubs to socialise. As a backslider, (a religious Christian who attended church every week, but who did not live as God demands), I thought nothing of going to the pubs and clubs socialising – that was, until I got REAL with God.

I used to justify myself, by saying that I did not get drunk (as most nights I drove), and so I only drunk cola. But the reality was I paid for alcoholic beverages which aided my friends (who did not attend church meetings) in getting drunk when it was my turn to pay for the round.

I would be sat at the bar, while across the room, other people were telling dirty jokes, getting drunk, taking the name of the Lord in vain and the next day I would hypocritically be in church, hands in the air, sing praises to Jesus. I called myself a Christian yet did not live up to the standards that God had set. My testimony was compromised on a daily, if not weekly basis, *I was leading weaker brethren into sin and I was supporting the Devil’s ministry. How you may ask?...

  • Firstly, by going to such establishments.
  • Secondly, at church talking about where I had been the night before, (thus encouraging those of age to visit a pub or club).
  • Thirdly, by inviting other Christians out for a drink.

    As one preacher said, “Either act like a Christian or change your name to heathen!”

    God states and declares, “Be holy in all your conduct...because it is written, 'be holy because I am holy'” (1 Peter 1:15-16) because, ‘without holiness, no man shall see the Lord’ (Hebrews 12:14) Bible teacher, Derek Prince said, “Anything that is not righteous is sinful” which is in accord with 1 John 5:17, 'All unrighteousness is sin...'

    We try to justify our actions by saying we are there to 'evangelise', but our true intention is to 'socialise'

    Whilst we live in the world we are not of the world. It is one thing to go into godless places to evangelise, but quite another to socialise. Space does not permit me to tell you of the stories of Christians who have gone to evangelise in pubs / drinking establishments (or attended parties hosted by Christians where alcohol was present) and left drunk, and became a laughing stock not only of people, but of devil’s!

    Why do so many people who profess the name of Jesus Christ enjoy the company of God haters? (We are either for God or against Him, bringing people to Him or scattering them! Matthew 12:30). 'What has light got to do with darkness?' (2 Corinthians 6:14). 'Or do you think that the Scripture say in vain, the Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously?' (James 4:5).

    It is one things to socialise with those who have not yet fully comprehended the truth, but quite another to habitually socialise with those who openly reject the truth. 'Making a distincition' as Jude wrote (Jude 22).

    By socialising in pubs you do not bring people up to your level, they bring you down to their level. A person cannot respect someone who is not fully committed to that which they profess to believe in.

    One Christian said, “I don’t feel convicted of God not to go to pubs, and I only go once a week.” What could my response be? “Do you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to go to pubs (or clubs), or have you made that decision yourself? If you were walking as close to the Lord as you should be, and knew your Bible as you should (and applied the teachings contained within), and did not harden your heart, THEN you would know that it is wrong.” Also, by trying to justifying yourself by saying that you only go once a week is like saying, “I will only have sex with my girlfriend once a week!” It is still sin, it is compromise and the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

    If we truly loved God with all our heart, mind, souls and strength and offered our bodies as a living sacrifice, and took up our cross daily and followed Jesus - then we would know right from wrong and would not be seduced by other lovers who would only take us away from God and give us nothing in return.

    Why should we support the Devil’s work?

    Some people have asked me, “What’s so wrong in going to pubs / bars / drinking establishments?” My reply is often, “What’s so right in going to them?” - Why should we support the Devil’s work? Is God honoured in such a place, can you ask God to bless what you’re doing?

    It is interesting to note that during times of revival, the drink trade always suffers and in smaller communities, pubs always close. Why is that if it is an acceptable establishment to visit? Because God’s Spirit convicts of sin, and the Bible declares that light has nothing to do with darkness, that we should come out and be separate from the world and touch not the unclean thing; that we should be holy and live holy lives – lives that honour Jesus Christ. If we loved Jesus more then we would hate sin more. We have been bought at a price – blood-bought redemption, Calvary!

    Mathew Backholer


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