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Supporting University and Bible College Students

Do churches forget about their university and Bible college students?...and how many fail in their mission or fall away because of neglect?

When people from your church go to university or Bible college are they considered as ‘out of sight out of mind?’ Should this be the case? In your church, it should be considered as very important to keep in contact with those who are away from their usual fellowship and surroundings, but is it?

Every church should have a person who is responsible for keeping in contact with students who are studying elsewhere and to help them find Christian fellowship in their new location. If someone has grown up in your church, why should you allow the devil to pluck them away from God, because it was too much trouble to write a letter, send an email or text, or make a phone call to find out how they are?

In addition, if a member has responded to the preaching and is now at Bible college, don't forget that they are 'your churches missionary in training.' If church leaders are spiritually minded, they will understand that the student training for the Lord's work is going out to 'build God's Kingdom.' Support should not be stopped because it's not 'this churches kingdom!'

Nail the Colours to the Mast

Often the most difficult thing for Christians to do at university is to nail their colours to the mast, making a statement to those around them that they are Christians. This is usually best done by attending a local church and where possible the Christian union.

Backslidden Students

On one evening there was a group of believers who were doing door-to-door visting in an area where most of the houses were inhabited by groups of students. The vast majority of these students who claimed to be Christians attended church whilst at home, but since attending university they had not attended a church, or even looked for one! They did not attend the Christian union and sadly this was two terms into the academic year.

The hard work of the home church for eighteen years was being wasted because the local church failed to send a letter, email, text or phone call and failed to help them find a new church!

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