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Numbers - Six, Seven and Eight

Six Qualifications for Leadership

  • Be close to the Lord.
  • Be pure in heart.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Be a person of prayer and of the word of God.
  • Be a person of faith.
  • Be a person of courage.

    Seven things to do Today

  • Wear a smile all day.
  • Aim to encourage at least one person.
  • Read an extra portion of the Bible.
  • Pray a little longer.
  • Remember to be polite and courteous.
  • Don't get angry if you cannot watch what you want on TV.
  • Do something constructive.

    Eight Trials for a Christian

  • Humiliation: an attack on ones reputation.
  • Suffering: physical, emotional or spiritual.
  • Bereavement: especially an untimely death in the prime of life.
  • Estrangement or treachery: abandoned or let down by close family or friends.
  • Doubt: deep, dark and awful desperation and uncertainty.
  • Failure: seeing your life’s work disappear or break up.
  • Dereliction: believing that God has forsaken you, a wilderness experiences.
  • Slow Death: A slow, painful and un-illuminated death.

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