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Healthy Shopping And Eating (1.)

1. It is worth having a basic knowledge of food nutritional value and to read the product labels to see what its nutritional value is. Some products are low in fat, but high in calories - which is not good if you are intending to lose weight on a calorie controlled diet.

2. Where possible have a shopping list with you, which helps save on time, and helps to prevent overspending and purchasing unhealthy foods.

3. Donít shop when youíre hungry as you will probably buy more and some snacks, which you will want to eat on the way home.

4. Where possible choose the leaner cuts of meat, lower-fat versions of sausages and burgers and skinless chicken breasts.

5. Having a few frozen ready-meals and frozen vegetables available in your freezer will be a convenience for you when you are short on time and it is better than eating snacks.

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Gal. 3:11
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