Are YOU Spiritually Healthy or have you Stagnated?

Have you ever walked past a pond or a pool where the water has gone off-colour and stagnated? Instead of looking pleasant, it contains green slimy gunk and oftentimes is not pleasant to the nostrils having a pungent whiff. Sometimes, those of us who profess to follow Jesus Christ can also turn people off; they turn their noses up in disgust, because our lives are inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ whom we profess to follow. We say that Jesus is Lord of our lives, yet we live for ourselves.

  • Do you spend quality time in reading the Holy Bible and in prayer everyday?
  • Have you forsaken sin and live as if you are fit for heaven? Or do you still live like a heathen, a Western heathen with a materialistic look-after-number-one mindset?
  • Do you love Jesus more than you love sin? Even secret sin?
  • Are you a Sunday saint but 'Monday aint?'
  • Are you dancing with the devil and two-timing Jesus?
  • Do you fear the Lord? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge and to hate sin (Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 8:13 and Proverbs 9:10).
  • Do your friends and associates know that you follow Jesus Christ and that He is your Lord and Saviour?
  • Do you share your faith with others?
  • Do you deny Jesus by your lifestyle and ungodly language?
  • Do you faithfully tithe, give offerings and are a cheerful giver?
  • Are you closer to the Lord than last month or last year?
  • Are you progressing in the faith or regressing?
  • Is Jesus Lord of your life or is He only your Saviour?
  • Do you take up your cross daily and follow Jesus?
  • Do you deny self and glorify Jesus Christ?
  • Are you led of Holy Spirit and obedient to Him?
  • Are you Christ-like in character, in word and in deed?
  • Does your walk with God, your relationship with Him, mean more to you than anything else?
  • Have you made a full and unconditonal surrender to God, to Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you filled with the Spirit in all His fullness?
  • Have you quenched, grieved or resisted the Holy Spirit?
  • Have you denied, lied to or hardened your heart against the Holy Spirit?
  • Are there any sins that you need to confess to God, and forsake?
  • Can you declare that "Jesus Christ is Lord," and do you?

    Mathew Backholer.


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