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Glimpses of Glory, Revelations in the Realms of God
Beyond the Veil in the Heavenly Abode. The New Jerusalem
and the Eternal Kingdom of God

Find a world beyond earth which is real, vivid and eternal. Many people have claimed to have visited heaven and yet these accounts often conflict with what the Word of God says. In this narrative receive biblical glimpses and revelations into life in paradise, which is filled with references to Scripture to confirm its veracity.

Join a believer, an angel and a glorified man on the most biblical book about heaven that you may ever read. Find answers to questions and open your mind to eternal thinking, as you reach beyond the veil into eternity, with those who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Book Details
  • Size 9 x 6 inches (229mm x 152mm)
  • 23 chapters
  • 144 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-58-0 (paperback)

    eBook Details
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-59-7 (eBook)
  • Available on multiple eReaders.
  • Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBook, Nook, etc.

  • Order the book in our store here.

  • Introduction
  • Paradise
  • Three Visitors
  • A Golden Cottage
  • The Gate of Heaven
  • A Great Reunion
  • Millions of Angels
  • The Heavenly Body
  • A Change in our Nature
  • The Heavenly City
  • The First and the Last
  • A Matter of the Will

  • Back to Eden
  • Calvary
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Ancient of Days
  • Hell
  • Free Will
  • The Kingdom of God
  • An Empty Soul
  • The Cloud of Witnesses
  • Number Your Days
  • Mary or Martha
  • Unbelief and Denial

  • About the Author
    Paul Backholer is a British broadcaster and the founder of ByFaith Media. He is the director of ByFaith Television which airs on multiple platforms around the world and is the producer of several Christian documentaries. Paul is the author of many books, including The Baptism of Fire, How Christianity Made the Modern World, The Exodus Evidence and The Ark of the Covenant. Paul studied in a British Bible college and has travelled to over forty nations working on Christian projects.

    Order the book in our store here.