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The Baptism of Fire
Personal Revival, Renewal and the
Anointing for Supernatural Living

Jesus will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire; that was the promise of John the Baptist. But what is the baptism of fire and how can you experience it? In this book, the author unveils the life and ministry of the Holy Spirit, shows how He can transform your life and what supernatural living in Christ means.

Discover how the Holy Spirit worked throughout Scripture and find testimonies of those walking in the Spirit today. Filled with biblical references, testimonies from heroes of the faith and the experiences of everyday Christians, you will learn that the baptism of fire is real and how you can receive it!

Book Details
  • Size 9 x 6 inches (229mm x 152mm)
  • 47 chapters
  • 150 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-56-6 (paperback)

    eBook Details
  • ISBN 978-1-907066-57-3 (eBook)
  • Available on multiple eReaders.
  • Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBook, Nook, etc.

  • Order the book in our store here.

  • Introduction
  • Meeting the Holy Spirit
  • The Spirit wrote the Bible with People’s Lives
  • The Conviction and Seal of the Holy Spirit
  • The Spirit and the Prophets
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus’ Promise of the Spirit
  • Did You Receive Everything?
  • Sealed and Filled
  • The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • The Trinity in Unity
  • The Voice and Leading of the Spirit
  • Acts of the Holy Spirit
  • Discerning His Voice
  • Qualifications for Service
  • The Holy Spirit Our Teacher
  • The Spirit Speaks, Guides and Sends Forth
  • The Spotlight of Holiness
  • The Holy Spirit Preparing for Christ
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit in the Life of Christ
  • The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Hope in Christ Jesus
  • Revealing Self
  • Live According to the Spirit, Not the Flesh

  • Surrender to Christ
  • Heed the Spirit
  • Possessed by the Holy Spirit
  • Holy is the Lord
  • Him Living His Life
  • The Flesh is Useless
  • The Pruning of the Master
  • The True Vine
  • Being One with Him
  • Jesus, One with the Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit as Intercessor
  • The Intercession of the Spirit of God
  • Abiding in the Vine
  • Searching All Things
  • Christ the Victor
  • Victory Over Death
  • The Holy Spirit and the Plan of God
  • The Spirit in Revelation
  • Channels of the Holy Spirit
  • The Comforter and Multiplier
  • The Six-fold Witness of the Spirit
  • Resisting the Holy Spirit
  • Let the Spirit Possess You
  • Sources and Notes

  • About the Author
    Paul Backholer is a British broadcaster and the founder of ByFaith Media. He is the director of ByFaith Television which airs on multiple platforms around the world and is the producer of several Christian documentaries. Paul is the author of many books, including Heaven – A Journey to Paradise, How Christianity Made the Modern World, The Exodus Evidence and The Ark of the Covenant. Paul studied in a British Bible college and has travelled to over forty nations working on Christian projects.

    Order the book in our store here.