God's Will - Not What I Will

Our greatest enemy is not Satan or sin, it is self.

Often great men and women of God reveal that the Lord told them they, “Were not His first choice.” This means God had called other people to their ministries, but for several reasons, these called people never made it to their callings.

Jesus Christ not only accepted that God was His Father, but He also surrendered His WILL to God. Jesus never vetoed God’s purpose for His life, because the Father’s will became His own.

Our desire for independence is often the greatest hindrance to our spiritual progress. We often want personal victory and a faith adventure, but when Jesus calls, we still want to have a vote on His call. Often we vote ‘no.’ This is one way we often stop God’s progress in our lives.

Until we surrender our WILL to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Christian lives will always be impotent and full of frustration. We can never truly taste of His power or purpose, until we choose once and for all, that His will supercedes our own.

Jesus said, “...nevertheless not My will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42).

Paul Backholer


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