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Miracles Today

Walking Again! | Cancer | Brain Virus | Sulphuric Acid | Communism Falls | In Debt

Walking Again!

As they went, they were healed, Luke 17:14.

For almost twenty-three years Delia Knox was paralysed from the waist down, after a drunk driver smashed into her car on Christmas Day 1987. But a visit to the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Mobile Bay, Alabama, USA transformed her life.

Delia Knox, a Christian believer said, “To be honest I’ve stayed away from healing meetings. I’ve been pulled, plopped and dropped” during prayer for healing. But on the 27 August 2010, after prayer by young British revivalists, Nathan Morris and American pastor John Kilpatrick, Delia Knox took her first steps in almost twenty-three years.

Having experiencing the miracle of discovering feeling in her legs, the first time since the late 1980s, she took a leap of faith and stood up. After two decades of her legs doing nothing, she needed assistance to carry the burden of weight, yet the miracle of receiving feeling in her legs, gave her the faith to believe that she would walk unaided again and within a week she was.

After three months, Delia Knox visited the revival again to show that she is now walking permanently, normally and unaided. She even wore high heels! Her husband, Bishop Levy Knox said, “What has happened to my wife has changed our lives.”

Delia gave up all hope of ever walking again after a long struggle to accept her injuries, but this miracle transformed her and reminds us of the progressive healings in the ministry of Jesus. In Mark 8:25, ‘once more’ Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes after the first prayer led to partial healing and in Luke 17:11-19, several lepers were healed progressively as they walked in faith. In the Old Testament, Elisha told Naaman to wash seven times in the Jordan for healing, 2 Kings 5:10.

Then He said to him, “Rise and go, your faith has made you well.” Luke 17:17.

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    Remember the story of King Hezekiah's illness in 2 Kings 20? Hezekiah was at the point of death and was told by the Lord to put his house in order because he would not recover. King Hezekiah cried before the Lord and asked the Lord to remember his faithfulness. The Lord heard and gave him another fifteen years and confirmed it with a sign.

    The Lord who worked in the lives of His people in the Old Testament is still working in the lives of His people today.

    An elder in my church was diagnosed with liver cancer in November 1992 and was given six months to live by all the doctors he sought (including one in China). He prayed and asked the Lord for another ten years. The Lord heard and confirmed it with a sign. For the last decade he served the Lord in Malaysia. Exactly ten years have passed since he believed for a miracle and the Lord has called him home - just as he asked!

    Dave Chang

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    The Brain Virus That Paralysed Me

    We had been in Africa preaching and had seen many miracles.

    But soon, I was in hospital, a virus had entered my brain, it was so dangerous. I lost control of 90% of my body, I could not even talk. My Spirit was the only thing that was free, the Lord reminded me, ‘You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You; because he trusts in You’. Isaiah 26:3.

    As I meditated on this word of prophecy, I felt at peace. God performed a miracle in my life and I was healed! The next year I had twin boys, and this year they will be 18 years old. The doctors can hardly believe that this happened to me, but they believe it when the read my medical report!

    All these years on we are still out of England most of the year; we travel the world preaching the gospel and still see many healings.

    Gwynneth Grant

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    Delivered from Sulphuric Acid

    I was speaking in a hospital to some of the staff when I noticed a light spray coming down upon me. I thought that it was just water.

    My legs began to hurt more than I could imagine, I looked down and my trousers were literally burning off me!

    Everything stopped; all the nurses rush me out of the room. We soon realised that it was Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4).

    There was a leak in a Sulphuric Acid container, and the fine spray that came upon me was so serious that it could damage my body forever.

    I was getting scrubbed down, my legs were totally black. Something amazing happened, my trousers had melted away onto my legs, they all came off and my legs were completely whole, even the hairs were ok! There was no damage at all!

    No-one walks away from being sprayed with Sulphuric Acid with no problems, but by the power of God, I did just that. It had no power over my body.

    ‘If they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them. They will lay hands on the sick, and they will be well.’ Mark 16:18

    A Pastor from the South of England.

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    Communism Falls

    Every plane that flies in to the country was in danger of being shot down and when I walked the streets my life was in danger. That was Mozambique during the communist reign.

    After preaching one of the Pastors told me that now we were going on a ‘glory march’ through the streets. A bitter war had been going on for years, now we were going to see the power of God.

    Thousands of Christians walked through town, and we stood around the government building, praying and believing that the Communist system to be broken in this country. The very next day, every Russian had left!!

    I will never forget how years of prayer had been answered in such a special way. Mr Clarredge.

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    In Debt

    I was in debt and losing money. Feeling that deep craving, I was soon placing money on horses, and football again. Why did I keep doing it, I only lost money?

    Then I heard the sound of a loud trumpet. Fear shook through my body, and I ran out of the shop. People stared at me, like I was a thief as I ran down the streets going home.

    Had it happened? Was it the end? Had Christ come? I knew the Bible talked about the last days, when Jesus would come again. There would be a loud trumpet sound and the rapture would happen. Had I been left behind?

    Reaching home, I found my mum. It was ok, I was safe. I thought I might spend eternity in hell, left behind.

    Falling to my knees I cried out asking for forgiveness, ‘Jesus, please deliver me from this addiction. I don’t want to gamble again. I don’t want to go to hell…being left behind’.

    Now I have to work my way out of debt, even though I had the miracle of salvation. The consequences of my sin are still affecting me. Its not easy, but as I learn the hard way, I should not get myself into debt again. - Matthew Throop.

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    Walking again

    Since 1982 I was only able to walk short distances. By 1986 I was using two walking sticks and to go any distance I had to use a wheelchair this was such a difficult time. I was also wearing a stiff collar during the day and a soft collar at night. The pain never went away.

    Life continued in this way until 1991 when I was diagnosed as having Lupas. Just after Christmas in 1998 God told me that I was going to be healed from the awful pain I was suffering and a few weeks later my Pastor Revd. Alan Clarredge told me that when I was Baptised I would be healed. I had told no one what God had told me so I knew Alan was confirming what God had already told me.

    On Sunday the 20th January 2002, I with others went up to the front for prayer. The pastor was directed by God to pray for healing for me.It was tremendous, amazing, the Holy Spirit was so strong!

    After the meeting ended my Husband Henry went to get the car and as I walked to meet him, a voice said to me "why are you using your stick". I paused and thought, `because it is so painful and I am frightened after all these years to go without it`. I thought about that voice all the way home, was it real? Did I imagine it? When I talked it over with Henry, his reaction was go in faith he said, "You really do not have to worry, because if you have got it wrong you will fall flat on your face"- typical.

    I went in faith and the pain has gone away for the first time in 27 years, I have no back or joint pain. The stiffness is gradually leaving my joints and my muscles are getting stronger. The joy of waking in the morning with no pain, I just cannot describe it! A few months later a test showed that there was no trace of Lupas in my body! I was totally healed!

    I will never forget the pain I had and I will serve God with what ever he leads me to do, with joy in my heart I dedicate my life to Him to do, as He wills. Praise the Lord for He is merciful. By Rowena Angell.

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